Our Team Of Wellness Practitioners

The Dedicated & Caring Team of Botanica Wellness Sanctuary

Dr. Emily Gerson – Chiropractor with Moving Body Chiropractic

Dr. Emily Gerson - Chiropractor

Dr. Emily Gerson has been practicing chiropractic since 2006. In her experience, she has learned to honor the healing process of the body.

She uses multiple hands-on chiropractic and rehabilitative techniques, along with proper nutrition and exercises to accelerate and support the phases of healing. Working with adults, children and babies, she has a very gentle and caring approach. She is a firm believer in education, always helping her patients understand what she is doing, and the reasons for it.

With caring hands and an empathetic ear, she strives to provide alignment, support, and healing for your Moving Body on each visit.

Dr. Gerson is a magma cum laude graduate from the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic, and a cum laude graduate from Colgate University. She continues her learning through regular seminars and adjusting clubs. Dr. Gerson has advanced training in Pre-Natal and Pediatric Chiropractic and is trained in the Webster Technique. She has also studied Cranial-Sacral Therapy with the Upldeger Institute. She adjusts full spine and extremities, utilizes the Activator method, drop-table technique, physiotherapy modalities, and Flexion/Distraction therapy.

Dr. Gerson was born and raised on Long Island, New York. She ran competitive track and cross-country through college and began seeing a chiropractor herself when she was 16 due to repetitive injuries sustained as a runner. It was there that her vision was born. She moved, on purpose, to Colorado in 2006 with her husband and two children. She loves Colorado for all the beautiful things it offers to keep her Moving Body.

Dr. Elena Northen – Chiropractor with Moving Body Chiropractic

Elena Northen, D.C., graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Her time as an engineer lead her to her true passion: solving the mechanics of the body. She graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West and moved to Denver to enjoy the beautiful mountains and the snow, which was scarce in her hometown of Newport Beach, California.

Dr. Northen’s favorite part of chiropractic is giving people their lives back. Her experience with a debilitating knee issue showed her that chiropractic has the power to solve problems quickly where physical therapy and medication may be less effective. Dr. Northen also loves the challenge of navigating the complexities of the human body to find the right diagnosis and the most efficient treatment.

Dr. Northen believes that the body can heal itself and that, in many cases, surgery and medications can be avoided if the body is given proper support to do so. She uses multiple chiropractic techniques including Diversified, Thompson, Webster, and Gonstead, as well as various massage and physical therapy methods to get you moving sooner- and to keep you that way. She treats the entire body from head to toe because she knows that the body is an interconnected system, one that works best only when all parts are working in harmony.
In her free time, Dr. Northen likes to play with her new Labrador puppy, practice archery, ice skate, hike, play piano, read (her favorite author is Douglas Adams), and ski.

Licensed Practitioner of Acupuncture

Kim Lebrun, LAc., MSOM, Dipl OM

Kimberly LeBrun is a licensed practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Colorado since 2007. Ms. LeBrun is nationally certified in Oriental Medicine which includes certifications in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Biomedicine, and Foundations of Oriental Medicine. After attending the University of Montana, she obtained a B.S. in Public Health, Health Promotion. She received a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, CO.

Ms. LeBrun completed post-graduate training for the treatment of musculo-skeletal and pain related problems, cancer, and gynecology.  She has studied with David Euler whom teaches the works of renowned Japanese Acupuncturist, Kiiko Matsumoto. This is a palpation based form of Acupuncture that provides instant feedback and results. Ms. Lebrun has also studied under Dagmar Ehling author of “The Chinese Herbalist Handbook” She has spent time studying with Datis Kharrazian, a well-respected neuroscientist and researcher whom is at the forefront of functional medicine. A type of preventative medicine that detects disease progression before an actual diagnosis is made.

Ms. LeBrun had the opportunity to study with Dr. Kelley’s last student. Dr. Kelley is well known for being a pioneer in cancer and assisting with nutritional support.

Ms. LeBrun has extensive knowledge in Chinese herbal medicine and experience in helping patients with their dietary supplements.  She treats pain, digestive disorders, headaches, insomnia, oncology support and women’s health, including menstrual disorders and menopause.  She specializes in fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health as well as Endocrine disorders such as Hashimotos and diabetes. Ms. Lebrun also practices Functional Medicine, utilizing labs and blood work to optimize the health of her patients.

Our Team of Experienced, Licensed Aestheticians

Jennifer Alvord – Lead Licensed Aesthetician

Jennifer Alvord - Licensed EstheticianJennifer has been working in the Spa & Wellness industry since 2002, gaining experience in Hotel/Resort Spas such as Charleston Place Hotel and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. In 2014 she became a licensed esthetician, quenching her thirst for knowledge of product ingredients and how they work together to remedy skin issues. Blending modern technology with ancient wisdom to create personalized services is her philosophy for skin health.

Jennifer loves engaging with clients from all over the world, learning about new products, and sharing her passion for skincare are things Jennifer loves about her position at Botanica.

Lindsay Wilson – Aesthetic Nurse Injector

Lindsay WilsonLindsay Wilson has recently joined Botanica after eight years of experience in cosmetic injections. Her experience began working in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery offices before expanding to Med Spas across Colorado. Lindsay attended Metropolitan State University of Denver with a BS in Human Performance and Sport before going to nursing school at the Denver School of Nursing in 2008, where she earned her BSN.

After a few years of nursing, Lindsay started a job as an aesthetic nurse and feels blessed to have gained the experience that started her injection career. She loves the art of injecting and helping to enhance each patient’s unique and individual needs. Through consistent training and seminars through the years, Lindsay is always expanding her knowledge and can confidently address a wide variety of aesthetic concerns. She demonstrates a warm and welcoming demeanor that will make you feel confident and trustworthy. Patient education and understanding is the most important factor in the final outcome and Lindsay will help you achieve your goals. In her free time Lindsay stays busy with her 2 year old daughter Evelyn and 4 year old son James, enjoys spending time outdoors and staying physically active through group fitness classes and running.

Alana Nuñez – Licensed Aesthetician

Alana Nuñez - Licensed EstheticianA graduate of Aveda’s prestigious esthetics program, Alana’s passion for skincare started in her teens when she learned the benefits of a solid at-home regiment coupled with regular professional treatments. Alana feels strongly that helping others achieve beauty from within is her life’s calling. Her philosophy on skincare is that it does not need to be complicated to be effective! She takes pride in helping her clients feel comfortable during their sessions with her and confident in their skincare routines at home.

Originally from San Diego, CA, Alana found her way to Denver by way of New Orleans, LA! She was drawn to Colorado’s incredible outdoors and friendly vibes. Her simultaneously outgoing and warm personality has helped her make friends wherever she goes, and she is looking forward to spending lots of time with new friends in the mountains during her first Colorado winter.

Jayné Hinojos – Licensed Aesthetician

Jayné Hinojos - Licensed EstheticianFor all intents and purposes, Jayné is a Colorado native. At age 6 her family relocated to Fort Collins from Apple Valley, California. Living near her family is something she values highly and wouldn’t trade for anything. In her free time, you can find Jayné hiking or exploring Denver with her pup whom she rescued as a stray during her year of teaching English in the Dominican Republic.

After high school, Jayné spent a year living in Australia and later on taught English in the Dominican Republic. Upon her return to Colorado, she attended the Kieth James Academy and earned her Cosmetology license in 2014. Through a personal struggle with problematic skin, Jayné was inspired to focus on Esthetics during her education. She enjoys being able to use her professional knowledge of skincare to improve skin issues and seeing confidence rise in her clients as a result.

Our Team of Certified Massage Therapists

Liz Aigner – Certified Massage Therapist

Liz Aigner - Certified Massage TherapistOriginally from Chicago, Liz arrived in our beautiful state in 2010. She completed the 600-hour Dual Spa Therapy Program with the Aveda Institute in Denver and has been massaging ever since. Liz immerses herself in the world of massage therapy – constantly learning and expanding her skill set. She loves building substantial professional relationships with each of her guests and helping them connect their body to their mind, creating new awareness. Her intention for each massage is different, and each massage is custom for what each guest needs, mentally and anatomically. In addition to Swedish and Deep Tissue style massage, Liz has trained in Prenatal, Hot Stone, Myofascial, Thai, and Lymphatic Drainage techniques.

Liz’s passion in life is travel, near or far. Even better her dog can come along! Whenever she’s in town, Liz enjoys Denver’s many sunny days, its abundance of good burritos, and the fact that our city has something for everyone. In her personal time, she enjoys yoga and meditation and going for bike rides.

Pandora Cole – Certified Massage Therapist

Pandora Cole, Massage TherapistPandora “Panda” Cole was born and raised in Colorado. She trained at the Aveda Institute Denver in prenatal, hot stone, Swedish, and deep tissue massage modalities. She loves to help people relax and simply feel better. She believes that humans can heal through touch, and she is always striving to learn more ways to help her clients feel their best.

Pandora believes that bodywork is a necessity and that everyone should have access to it. She promotes connecting body and mind through touch and breath and then disconnecting from any outside energy. When not working, Pandora loves to travel, read, and spend time with friends.

Robert Rewkowski – Certified Massage Therapist

The “Gentle Giant,” Robert Rewkowski has joined Botanica after his move from sunny Florida. He was inspired to become a Massage Therapist after he saw firsthand how therapeutic massage can change one’s life during his own recovery from low back surgery. He completed an 800-hour course from Sarasota School for Massage Therapy and has a passion for helping his clients have a better quality of life through massage. Rob eases into a massage to make sure his clients receive the proper pressure during their sessions with him. He incorporates a mixture of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Work, and stretching into his sessions.

Robert loves to travel the world and experience different cultures, especially culinary delicacies. He also enjoys hiking, concerts, spending time with friends and family, and just about anything that makes a good story to tell in the future.

Autumn Falconer – Certified Massage Therapist

Autumn was inspired to go to massage school during her time volunteering at St Jude’s Children Hospital in Memphis, TN. She felt that massage and energy work would be helpful to show parents who often feel helpless in not being able to help with their child’s pain and recovery. Autumn moved from Memphis to Colorado in 2009. She graduated from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado in 2013 after completing a 900 hour program with certifications in Swedish, Deep Tissue, NMT, Reflexology, Reiki, and Hospital-Based Massage. Other modalities she provides include Silicone and Vacuum cupping, Lomi Lomi, Hot Stone, and Prenatal Massage.

Autumn combines a variety of modalities throughout her treatments to customize each massage. Her Lomi Lomi style allows clients to release energy and go into meditation during sessions. Her philosophy is that massage does not need to hurt to be effective. She works from the most superficial to the deepest muscles as the body allows, and never pushes her clients past their limits. Very intuitive, she allows the client’s body to tell her what it needs energetically and anatomically.

Autumn’s other passions include photography, live music, and hiking. She finds Colorado to be a great place to feed all of her passions and hobbies!

Jane Collins

Jane Collins- Certified Massage Therapist

Jane Collins was born in a small town in South East Louisiana, about 70 miles south of New Orleans. Upon graduating high school, she attended Aveda Institute in New Orleans to learn the art of Esthetics. Through her training, she developed a love of how the body works and the benefits of connecting mind and body.

After completing her esthetician program, she decided she wanted to broaden her horizons and become educated in massage therapy. She made the move to Denver, Colorado and enrolled into the massage program at the Aveda Institute in Denver. In April 2019, Jane graduated from Aveda, Denver with Premier Talent, High Honors and finished the program with the most services of her class.

The reason she loves massage therapy is connecting with clients in order for them to connect their mind and body. When delivering services to her clients, she likes to keep a pure intention of transforming their stress into love and light. As an end result, helping her clients find peace, relaxation and comfort, which is Jane’s main focus.

In her spare time, Jane enjoys traveling; visiting her home town to provide her services, visit family, meeting new people and spreading her love for wellness in the music scene.